One of the finest guitarists in the Pacific Northwest

Kevin Adam Kieneker is an amazing artist and one of the finest guitarist in the Pacific Northwest. Below you will find some of Kevin’s music and artwork that expresses his love for music.

Kevin's Art

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I accept invitations to all musical events. Feel free to leave a comment...

Musical Talent for Hire!

Whatever your musical style is, I’m Kevin and you’re gonna love what you hear coming outta my heart.

I’m available for hire at any musical event and want to connect with like minds who want to create good times.

My goal therefore, is to be the Top Musical Guitarist in the Pacific Northwest and provide inspiration to others.


Located in Northwest Washington I'm available to join your festival and contribute beauty.

Live Shows

I bring musical life onto the stage and take you through enchanted vibrations.


Need sound tracks for your documentary or feature film? I'll give it the feel it needs.

Best Guitarist Of Today!

best guitarist of today

Here's more Music

Float - By Kevin Kieneker

Live at Anchor Pub - Everett, WA

Kevin just playin' the guitar

Here's what some folks around the bend say about Kevin...

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